Investment Management

We uncover value by identifying great assets and enhancing their performance by providing patient capital, creative management and skilled analysis.

Real Estate

Real estate is the linchpin of our portfolio. We have deployed capital in existing commercial and multifamily investment properties, as well as for development. Our strategy is long term in nature. We believe the acquisition is only the beginning of the story, and pursue opportunities where we can apply vision and experience in creating value at the property level. Longwood is not a passive holder of assets. We continuously seek ways to apply our operating skills through leasing, repositioning, redevelopment and, when market conditions are right, new development.

Venture Funding

We have invested in venture businesses based on our investment philosophy. Our greatest strength is the relationships we have in the communities we do business in, where we specialize in supporting the growth of young companies. Although not our primary focus, venture funding has provided supplemental growth and stability to our portfolio. Examples of industries in which we have provided venture funding include telecommunications, import/export and technology.

Thought Leadership

Our investments are about the relationships and trust we have built in the communities we do business in. Buildings don’t operate buildings. People operate buildings and people rent building space. Our staff, counsel and stakeholders are our true investments – our true assets.